Vantage Analytics has opened up access to our advanced data-mining and predictive analytics tools.

We’re supporting Shopify merchants first, but we will be adding access for more ecommerce platforms and other various companies very soon.

To add the Vantage Dashboard to your Shopify experience, visit our entry in the Shopify App Store.

If you’d like to apply Vantage’s tools to your opportunities, please contact us today!

Use Vantage Analytics to make intelligent data-driven decisions and act upon them:

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    We will help you to integrate and prioritize all the information that you’re collecting – irrespective of it’s current location or condition.

  • Understand your data

    Better understand your customers, marketing, and operations.

    Generate insight, identify actionable opportunities, and make smart decisions.

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    You can act and react at the pace that the market demands.

    You will be more successful by being an expert in your business, not in data science or online marketing tech.

Fast forward by testing and then implementing strategies with the Vantage Analytics Workbench. Save time and money!

Our Products

Vantage Analytics offers today’s leading online business managers a collection of powerful predictive analytics and data mining modules, served up in an accessible interface that makes data excitingly easy to work with.

To make it easy to import and export your data, we have integrated connections into the most common online business services: shopping carts, web analytics and more. Just as importantly, we allow you to take immediate action through leading marketing automation tools and business apps.

Vantage will inspire, guide, and support powerful marketing strategies. Leverage new customer insight to easily send targeted campaigns over email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Monitor campaign progress and optimize in real-time.

We offer our platform on a software-as-a-service basis: Use and pay for only what you need, the rest will be ready when you are.

What others say about us

Brian Forbes

Predictive analytics techniques already help big companies compete and drive value with their data.  Vantage Analytics brings a compelling solution to market for the rest of us.

Brian ForbesExecutive Director at Coral CEA
Embarrassed CEO of Large Brand (Real Company)

It scares the **** out of me that we only have a sense of what a client costs us to acquire!

Embarrassed CEO of Large Brand (Real Company)
Zak Homuth, Founder and CEO, Upverter

“Vantage Analytics knows what they’re doing.”

Zak Homuth, Founder and CEO, Upverter

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